Slippery Floors a Problem for Your Dog?

Our non-slip paw pads are perfect for dogs who have trouble getting traction on slippery surfaces. If your dog slips on:

  • Hardwood
  • Tile
  • Laminate
  • Ceramic
  • Other Slippery Floors
  • Stairs
  • Or Ice…

Puppy Love Paw Pads are the solution you've been looking for! Affordable and easy to put on your dog's paws, our anti-slip dog paw grips will have your dog walking upright and easily across any surface as soon as you stick them on. Our sticky paw pad covers are an inexpensive alternative to dog footwear (like boots or socks) and non-slip sprays.

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Great for Dogs with Disabilities

Puppy Love Paw Pads™ are great for dogs with hip and/or stability problems. If you have a disabled dog who has difficulty walking on bare surfaces like hardwood floors, or you have concerns about traction on ice, try our non-slip dog paw traction pads. They're specifically designed to help your dog walk with confidence, reducing the risk of injury due to a slip or fall.

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Prevent Your Dog from Slipping and Falling on Hardwood Floors and Ice

Puppy Love Paw Pads are perfect for older dogs with disabilities, like arthritis or stability problems, that have trouble walking on slippery surfaces. Easy to put on, you simply peel the sticker back from the paw pad and place it right on your dog's paw. Dogs barely notice the sticky paw pads on their feet, and their quality of life is instantly improved when they realize they can move around with ease again.

Our customers are amazed at the results Puppy Love Paw Pads provide, especially as the cheaper alternative to dog grip socks and doggie booties specifically made for extra traction. For some of our clients, their older or disabled dog has so much trouble walking on bare surfaces without falling, they spend almost all of their day simply laying down. Once they introduced their pet to Puppy Love Paw Pads, they were back up, running around, and enjoying their life as if they were a pup again. One of our client's veterinarians even recommend Puppy Love Paw Pads to all of their clients who have dogs with similar problems. Our sticky paw pads also protect against salt in the winter and keep your dog stable on ice too. Say goodbye to the fear of your dog falling when you purchase Puppy Love Paw Pads.

A Perfect Pet Accessory

Paw Pads™ are easy to use with no mess. Simply peel the back off the pad and stick it to your dog's paw, it's as easy as that! Paw Pads can also help protect your dog's paws in winter from salt and ice and summer's hot pavement.

Dogs with hair, rather than fur, don't shed but do require grooming. As hair grows between your dog's pads, it can take away from the traction they already have, especially if you don't cut back the excess hair. Even with proper grooming, however, a naked puppy's paw pads don't get great traction on tile or hardwood floors. Puppy Love Paw Pads is a natural adhesive augmentation helping your pooch keep their balance.

The Solution for a Non-Slip Dog Surface

Perfect for homes with a lot of wood, linoleum or smooth tile flooring, our paw pads are made from Toughtek® Neoprene for a non-slip grip - which prevents scratching of wood floors too.

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Dogs don't mind wearing Puppy Love Paw Pads either, so you don't have to worry about them trying to chew them off. In most cases, dogs can tell our non-slip paw pads are helping them move around easier, so they actually like them.

A Lasting and Safe Pet Accessory

Depending on your dog's activities, one set (2 or 4 pads) should last 3 to 4 days or more. The adhesive has been proven safe for human skin, and because our pads are made with human medical tape, they are safe for every dog's paws too.

Perforated Paw Pads

Perforated Puppy Love Paw Pads™ are perforated to allow paws to breathe.

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Sticky Paw Pads Save an Old Dog from Slipping on Wood Floors in His New Home


I just received my paw pads in the mail. My 14 year old Bassett, Crash, has been struggling with the wood floors in our new home. Watching him slip and founder has really caused us a lot of heartache and stressing the past couple of months. I adhered the pads to his paws about 10 minutes ago, and can’t believe the improvement!

He is getting around as easily as he did 3 years ago!

You have a fantastic product, and I just wanted to drop you a line to say how satisfied I am and how relieved Crash must be.

Thanks again

Tom B.

Non-Slip Paw Pads Keep an Old, Disabled Corgi on His Feet

Dear Al,

These pads have been a quality-of-life saver for our 15-year-old Cardigan Welsh Corgi. Thanks!

Carol W.

Affordable Dog Paw Traction Pads Bring Life Back to an Old Family Dog


I had to let you know that your Paw Pads did more for my dog than I had ever imagined. I have a 13 year old Chow that has arthritis; for the past 6 months he has developed a “shuffle” as he walked across our hardwood and tile floors. He had gotten to the point he would only get up to go outside and eat. I had looked at several different pads, (yes they were much more expensive) and just couldn’t decide if it would really help or if it was just another gimmick. I found your paw pads on line and because you were a Wisconsin company (my husband is from Racine) I decided to give it a try.

I could not and still can not believe my eyes, from the first moment he walked like a normal dog. Now he Is back to running to the window and playing with his younger sister. (I will say the first day he did so much he could hardly get up the next day.) But know he is back on track to being his ol” self. I have kicked myself for not trying them earlier, but you can expect MANY more orders from me!

What a great idea and what an amazing help for my sweet Reggie.

Thanks so much

Tammy S.

Very Old Rescue Dog Lives a Happy Life with No Slipping Thanks to Sticky Paw Pads

Hi Al,

Received them today. Our VERY old rescue dog now has pads on his paws and hasn’t slipped yet. I am very pleased so far!

Many thanks.


Anti-Slip Paw Pads Highly Recommended by Veterinarians

I had to tell you, these are great! After my Vet saw them on my dog, they have been recommending them to all of their pet owners who have dogs that need them!

Cheryl S.

Dog Paw Pads Help Arthritic Dog Get Around on Wood Floors Without Falling

I would like to thank you for supplying such a great product for disabled dogs. Our 12- year-old Australian shepherd , Zeb, has arthritis and takes medication for seizures. Because of this, he is rather weak and simply cannot walk on the wood floors of our new home. We wereconcerned that we would have to leave him outside or put rugs all over the house. The paw pads enable him to walk anywhere in the house and he seldom falls. One of my concerns when ordering the paw pads was that he would chew them off, but he doesn’t mine them on at all. In fact, I think he likes them!

Nancy O

Sticky Paw Pads Save an Old Dog from Slipping on Wood Floors in His New Home


My guy is 15 and really slipping on the hard floors, these have helped him greatly. I have tried boots and socks with rubber grippers that never stay on. I have been using the paw pads brand which are ok. Yours, being one piece, seem to work better. They stay on better and provide a better grip. He now jumps down the two small stairs when he goes out side, he used to wipe out when he did this, but now has a better grip when he lands. He also walks around the house better on the tile and hardwood. Thanks for making such a good Product.

Michelle G.

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