Slippery Floors a Problem for Your Dog?

Our non-slip paw pads are perfect for dogs who have trouble getting traction on slippery surfaces. If your dog slips on:

  • Hardwood
  • Tile
  • Laminate
  • Ceramic
  • Other Slippery Floors
  • Stairs
  • Or Ice…

Puppy Love Paw Pads are the solution you've been looking for! Affordable and easy to put on your dog's paws, our anti-slip dog paw grips will have your dog walking upright and easily across any surface as soon as you stick them on. Our sticky paw pad covers are an inexpensive alternative to dog footwear (like boots or socks) and non-slip sprays.

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Great for Dogs with Disabilities

Puppy Love Paw Pads™ are great for dogs with hip and/or stability problems. If you have a disabled dog who has difficulty walking on bare surfaces like hardwood floors, or you have concerns about traction on ice, try our non-slip dog paw traction pads. They're specifically designed to help your dog walk with confidence, reducing the risk of injury due to a slip or fall.

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Perfect Pads Puppy Love Paw Pads

The Original Puppy Love Paw Pads

Perforated Puppy Love Paw Pads


Our little Schnauzer (Tyler) had a spinal stroke four years ago, and had trouble walking on bare and slippery floors. The PAW PADS work GREAT!!!


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A Perfect Pet Accessory

Paw Pads™ are easy to use with no mess. Simply peel the back off the pad and stick it to your dog's paw, it's as easy as that! Paw Pads can also help protect your dog's paws in winter from salt and ice and summer's hot pavement

Dogs with hair, rather than fur, don't shed but do require grooming. As hair grows between your dog's pads, it can take away from the traction they already have, especially if you don't cut back the excess hair. Even with proper grooming, however, a naked puppy's paw pads don't get great traction on tile or hardwood floors. Puppy Love Paw Pads is a natural adhesive augmentation helping your pooch keep their balance.

The Solution for a Non-Slip Dog Surface

Perfect for homes with a lot of wood, linoleum or smooth tile flooring, our paw pads are made from Toughtek® Neoprene for a non-slip grip - which prevents scratching of wood floors too.

Dogs don't mind wearing Puppy Love Paw Pads either, so you don't have to worry about them trying to chew them off. In most cases, dogs can tell our non-slip paw pads are helping them move around easier, so they actually like them.

A Lasting and Safe Pet Accessory

Depending on your dog's activities, one set (2 or 4 pads) should last 3 to 4 days or more. The adhesive has been proven safe for human skin, and because our pads are made with human medical tape, they are safe for every dog's paws too.

Perforated Paw Pads

Perforated Puppy Love Paw Pads™ are perforated to allow paws to breathe.

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