Great for Dogs with Disabilities

Puppy Love Paw Pads™ are great for dogs with hip and or stability problems.

A Perfect Pet Accessory

Paw Pads™ are easy to use with no mess. Peal the back off the pad and stick to dogs paw. Paw Pads can also help to protect your dog's paws in winter from salt and ice and summers hot pavement.

The Solution for a Non-Slip
Dog Surface

Perfect for homes that have a lot of wood, linoleum or smooth tile flooring. Our pads are made from Toughtek® Neoprene for a non-slip grip which will prevent scratching of wood floors.

A Pet Accessory that will Last
and is Safe

Depending on your dogs activities, one set (2 or 4 pads) should last 3 to 4 days or more. The adhesive has been proven safe for human skin. Because our pads are made with human medical tape, they are safe for dogs.

Perforated Paw Pads

Perforated Puppy Love Paw Pads™ are perforated to allow paws to breathe.

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Perfect Pads Puppy Love Paw Pads

The Original Puppy Love Paw Pads

Perforated Puppy Love Paw Pads


Our little Schnauzer (Tyler) had a spinal stroke four years ago, and had trouble walking on bare and slippery floors. The PAW PADS work GREAT!!!


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